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Your furry friend will be ready to make a splash with this adorable bandana featuring whales! The bandana is made with high-quality fabric that will keep your pup comfortable and stylish. The white background is covered with cartoon whales making for a fun and playful design. The fabric is soft to the touch, so your pup won't feel restricted in any way while wearing it. Whether your dog is a fan of the ocean or simply loves cute designs, this whale bandana is sure to make them the star of the show!
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What makes these bandanas safer?

Here at Finn and Fam Co. we use magnetic snaps on our bandanas.

If your furry friend would get stuck and begin choking the bandana is much easier to snap off than if you were to tie it on!

How do I wash my bandanas?

You can wash them in cold water and air dry to keep the color vibrant!

What if my dog doesn't fit these sizes?

If your dog doesn't fit in any of the above size ranges, please reach out to us on any of our social medias!